Monday, May 6, 2013

Opening Day!

Welcome to the New York Yankees Uniform Database. The history of the New York Yankees is resplendent with championships, legendary players, and tradition. The “pinstripes” are now just as legendary as the players who donned them. If you were to search anywhere or talk to anyone about the history of the Yankees uniforms chances are you’ll hear: “the Yankees have never changed their uniforms,” “they added pinstripes to make Babe Ruth look thinner,” or “They’ve used the same logo since 1936.”

The purpose of this blog will be to visually document the evolution of the Yankee uniform from the days of the Highlanders to Derek Jeter and the current team. It is my hope that after visiting this database, such claims will be disproved and fans will be able to better appreciate the rich aesthetic history of the New York Yankees. While this site is essentially in version 1.0, I will do my best to provide regular posts covering a variety of Yankee uniform topics; whether it be hats, jerseys, manufacturers, logos, patches, years, or decades. In addition to new posts, I will of course be updating the database as new information becomes available, and I hope to eventually include all batting practice and all-star game uniforms as well as dugout and team issued gear for each year. Hopefully this site will become the go-to stop for any and all information about the uniforms and design of the New York Yankees. I spent countless hours and days scouring the web for old pictures and examples of game used jerseys in order to document every change and nuance in the uniforms and logos of the Yankees. While I feel that I have done everything that one person can do to ensure the accuracy of this project, if you notice any discrepancies or have new information on a particular year or uniform (and can back it up with visual proof) please feel free to contact me.
A little bit about me: my name is Dan and I am a 25 year old Yankee fan (did it really need to be said?) I went to my first Yankee game in 1992 and was hooked from the moment I had to stand on my seat to watch a Danny Tartabull homer fall into the short right field porch. History and baseball are my two passions in life and I have dedicated over a year and a half to researching and recreating the uniforms and logos you will find in the database using only Microsoft paint and word. The jersey template I used for this project is from Chris Creamers; the number one site on the internet to find and discuss sports logos and uniforms. 

With that out of the way, click on one of the database links to the right, explore, and in my best Richard Attenborough impression I'd like to say: "welcome to the New York Yankees Uniform Database."